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How to create a commercial kitchen

Create a commercial kitchen

8 steps to success during the creation process of your commercial kitchen

Standards, HACCP rules, laws, best practices … and many other things to know. To create a commercial kitchen or a laboratory is not an easy way. Hopefully, Coloc’ 2 Chefs has written this survival guideline for you. Let’s start!

1 – Definition of your activity

Why do you need a professional kitchen? This question is the basis of your proejct. With the answer you will be able to define each parameter of your commercial kitchen. You should complete each part :

  • Number of meals/products to produce per day or month
  • Number of production steps and duration of each step
  • Number of production operators
  • Type of storage needed
  • Specifics requirements for your activity
  • Other importants informations you may know

During this preliminary work you could think about the future development. This point is interesting in the way to optimize your commercial kitchen for the future.

2 – Standards and legal requirements

For sure, it’s not the most funny part of your project. But it’s very important to have a complete vision about law and rules. As you know there is many rules to consider before to launch a food production activity. Public autorities are the most credible sources for this kind of information. Websites can be good sources, but check the last update time to be sure about informations. You should get informations about training or certificate needed for your future activity.

Visit to get certified informations.

3 – The building

That is the start point! Like a classical building search, check the location and access facilities. Take time to visit it before to sign any contract. Who can help you during this step? An architect, a Chef, or a consultant as Coloc’ 2 Chefs … someone who can give you a professional point of view about the place. Note all technical informations about the building (electricity, water …).

4 – Be helped to create a commercial kitchen

Don’t stay alone for your project. To create a commercial kitchen there many choices to do. External point of views will give you more chances to success. Choose 2 or 3 specialists for commercial kitchen conception. Coloc’ 2 Chefs can be one of them, and can share her experience in this field.

5 – Zoning

Now you know where you want to creat your kitchen and you know what you want to do in. With all informations collected, you can create a zoning map to define the generally orgazination of the production. You can also ask one of your team member to do it. A zoning map must take in consideration :

  • HACCP rules
  • Production optimization

6 – Implantation scematic

To this step you can really create a commercial kitchen on a paper. What you should write :

  • production facilities
  • water
  • gaz
  • electric
  • toilets and cloackroom
  • room for dishes storage
  • prep room
  • and all relevant informations

7 – Equipment suppliers

Compare salers

There lot of suppliers of kitchen equipments. Some of them are only on the Web, others have salers network. Few of them are able to export their products. If you have never work with a suppliers, have a look on this tips to make your choice :

  • Quality and price : if you buy new equipments invest for good quality. Ok the price will be higher, but the lifetime will be extend compare to cheap equipment. Do not lower bound this point.
  • Warranty : prefer equipment with extended warranty and reactive after sales service

Coloc’ 2 Chefs can advise you about a supplier. Message us if you need our opinion.

Negociate with salers

Send your list of equipment to selected suppliers. Compare all answers received. It’s possible to engage a negociation about price and warranty. Take time to check each detail about all offers (don’t forget the small lines at the end of a document).

8 – Give all informations to the project manager

It’s time to build the kitchen. Give all technical informations to each company. If there is a coordinator like a project manager, he will be able to make a « road book » for everyone. Take attention at the end of building work on each detail.

Coloc’ 2 Chefs : a project manager with an international experience

To create a commercial kitchen is not an easy thing. Take time to collect all informations needed. Also to have a good project manager is an important point. Coloc’ 2 Chefs is available to provide you a technical assistance. Our team is qualified to manage complex project in an international context. Whe are also available to manage a shared kitchen project. Use the form to contact us:

Design Office

Have a look on our professionnal kitchen to imagine what we are able to do in this field.

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