Accueil - Commercial Kitchen to rent in Bordeaux

Commercial Kitchen to rent in Bordeaux

Shared Kitchen to rent

Coloc’ 2 Chefs, a commercial kitchen to rent based on the coworking model


Based in the Bordeaux’ suburb, the shared kitchen is available for culinary production and masterclass. One of the biggest obstacles for starting a food business is the high cost of setting up a commercial kitchen. The shared kitchen help you overcome that obstacle. The kitchen is fully equipped. It’s allowing you to build your business on needed basis with lowered risk and minimized start-up costs.

Shared kitchen model

What is a shared kitchen ?

It’s a professionnal kitchen dedicated to short-term rent (hours or month) for independant cookers and bakers. The space and facilities are available for different users at the same time (coworking mode). It’s possible to privatize tha all space if needed. This space is a coworking space.

Who can use it for which kind of activities ? 

Main users are independant of food sector. Foodtrucks, caterer, food producers use this space to realize their products. For those decide to launch a business, Coloc’ 2 Chefs give them a specific mentoring.

There is also different type of formations. Professionnals, or not, can prepare an exam or have a funny time with this shared kitchen.


  • Facility is accessible 24/7
  • Cool prep room (12°C)
  • Hot prep room with 2 combi ovens Unox GN1/1 (visit
  • Manage in accordance with HACCP rules
  • Pay only for the hours you need
  • Cooler/Freezer/Dry storage
  • Perfect facility to prep and store for large off site events
  • Car park and publics transports around the shared kitchen


  • Partnerships for website and graphic design
  • Food incubator and consulting

Support and advantage

  • Prepare for mulitiple clients and reduce the amount of time spent on location
  • Variety of professional equipment available, but you can bring your owns
  • No large investment required to get your product to market
  • Available for night delivery
  • Expand into the catering business
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